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Chadwick Meyer

Da giugno 2019


Chadwick Meyer (Papua Nuova Guinea, 1978) recently moved to Bologna from San Francisco, Califor- nia, to begin his fifth life. Born and raised by missionary parents in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, Chadabsorbed a worldview both beautiful and heavy, filled with a love of wild earth, appreciation of the simple pleasures of life, and an awareness of the complexity of human nature. He moved to the United States for high school, married at twenty-three, had children, and earnestly followed the religious path of his family and community. But when he completed his Masters of Divinity at twen- ty-seven, he was unexpectedly struck with the reality that his entire world was built on a myth. He spent the next decade untangling his past and relearning what it means to be human. During this decade, he raised three children, lived in Israel, and started several tech companies in San Francisco. Although the obligations of daily life hindered Chad’s pursuit of art, these years also developed experiences and themes that inform his work today. At thirty-seven he committed himself to the long, hard work of learning the skills necessary to develop a style and voice he hopes will help people see themselves in a new way in order to connect with the world and the people around them. He works mostly in portraiture, drawn to the beauty, mystery and energy of the people he meets. His medium has usually been pencil, charcoal, oil paint and watercolor. New to sculpture, Chad is currently exploring a series called La Leggerezza, giving new life to the cardboard boxes that transported him to Bologna. Cardboard is a challenging, awkward and slow medium, but his goal is to transform something that has no value, abundant and abandoned, into an unexpected and beautiful new form. His work represents the temporary nature of our lives, and reminds us to leave the past behind and embrace a life of lightness.